Gatsby Leggings - Ch. 2

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A little like a glitch leggings, a little like a book. These leggings feature the full Chapter 2 text of The Great Gatsby, which is completely legal now. Watch for the full set and collect all 9 for the most expensive way to buy The Great Gatsby, guaranteed!

Stylish and comfortable leggings. Great for working out, lounging, or looking cute.

Designed in Philadelphia

Care Note: Keep away from velcro and cat claws. It can cause white pilling.

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Size Guide:

Waist (inches)
 Hips (inches)
 XS  25 ¼  35 ⅜
 S  26 ¾  37
 M  28 ⅜  38 ⅝
 L  31 ½  41 ¾
 XL  34 ⅝  44 ⅞