FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

This list of frequently asked questions is to make getting answers easier for you, but is not a replacement for customer service. If you find what you're looking for- great! But don't hesitate to reach out if you're still confused.

Product Questions:

I don't see a size guide on the product I want. Where is it?

A universal list of size guides can be found here. While many products have size guides, some of the ones from the early Shirt Bimbo days don't because I was worse at this whole thing. Hopefully, eventually, they will all be updated, but this is a one woman show and there are a lot of products.

Why do some shirts have a "feminine cut" option and some have "fitted"?

Feminine cut is the same as fitted. The classic cut is a unisex t-shirt and the fitted cut is a "woman's" shirt. It has a more scooped neck, angled sleeves, and a tighter waistline. I don't believe in gendered clothing, but I do believe in style, and switched from feminine cut to fitted to reflect that. You don't need to be feminine to show a little neck. They haven't been updated yet because, well, see above.

I noticed there's a design I like on some products, but not on others. Why?

Some designs just don't work on some products. Especially for hats and beanies, many designs just aren't made to be embroidered. There may be another reason your favorite design isn't available on your favorite product, but I might be planning to do it at a future date. Feel free to reach out and ask if you're really itching for something!

Why do you no longer offer stickers and mugs?

Sales tax too hard. Clothing is easier, clothing is smooth.

I saw a cool shirt idea on twitter, will you make it?

Almost definitely not, sorry. If someone wants to collab or I'm excited enough about something I see to ask for a collab, that's awesome, but I don't want to take anyone's idea, and if they don't need the exposure of my platform, they'd probably make more selling it on their own. Feel free to tag me though. I like funny shirts.

Where can I see more examples of clothing on non-stock models?

Check out the Bimbo Gallery or the Shirt Bimbo twitter for lots of customer selfies!


Order Questions:

What is your return/refund policy?

I can't do returns right now because items aren't produced in house, but I'm usually willing to work something out. Specifically for size exchanges, I can't really do much unless the wrong size was sent out. However, you can help change that by subscribing to my patreon so that I can print shirts in-house.

I've never had any clothing damaged in shipping, but if it happens let me know asap so I can bug the supplier. 

How long does it take orders to arrive?

For most items, production takes 1-3 days and shipping takes 3-5 days, but with the current state of USPS this has become less predictable. For all-over-print items like leggings, crop tops, and a few others like the QRCodia and Distortion designs, production can take a bit longer since the items must be cut and sewn after ordering. For booty shorts, production and shipping is much less predictable, and can take as little as 1 week and as much as 3 weeks to arrive. I'm usually willing to offer a coupon if they take longer than that because that's really long. Most items arrive within 1-2 weeks.

When I'm able to print shirts myself, I will be able to keep stock of more popular items and cut arrival time down significantly :)

Why haven't I received my shipping notification?

For booty shorts, all shipping must be updated manually and cross-system organization is pretty hectic. I try my best to update all shipping as soon as it's available, but some can slip through. Be assured your order is on the way, but feel free to reach out! If you didn't order booty shorts and haven't received a notification after 5 days, please reach out so I can check on your order.

Why does it say my order can't ship to my location?

Some things need to be given manual shipping profiles. I once forgot to do this on a pair of shorts for over a week, and nobody could order them. If you can't place an order, I probably just messed something up. Feel free to reach out so I can fix it! I will likely be very thankful to you for pointing it out.


This page will update when I think of more FAQs!