Ah Fuck, Poor Yorick Socks

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Poet Mary Ruefle once said, "We must ... rewrite everything that has ever been written in the current vernacular." The Ah Fuck, Poor Yorick socks follow this tradition by putting the fuck word in a Shakespear quote. Above the quote is a skull backed by a floral design.

Soft and comfy black nylon/cotton blend socks.

Designed in Philadelphia.

Keep away from animal claws and velcro to avoid white piling. Pattern may be slightly interrupted when the sock is stretched, so keep this in mind if you have slightly larger calves and smaller feet.

Size guide

  M L XL
US men 6-9 9-12 12-15
US women 7-10 10-13 13-16
EU 38-41 42-45 46-49
UK 5-8 8-11 11-14