Hospital Chic Socks

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If I see someone screenshot this to call me out for trying to profit off mental illness I will not share my cigs with you anymore during smoke breaks. Wait no I mean,

Meet the Hospital Chic socks! Nothing can match the comfort and style of those socks you get when you spend a weekend at doggy day care, but I am trying my best. These feature the iconic pattern up the ankles with black feet, no actual grippy-ness, sorry :(

Comes in a variety of colors. Fits any gender. (The size guide includes different measurements for men and women, for some reason. It's only one type of sock.)

Designed in Philadelphia.

Size guide

  M L XL
US men (inches) 7-8 8 ½-11 ½ 12-15
US women (inches) 8 ½-9 ½ 10-13 13 ½-16 ½
EU (cm) 39-41 42-46 46-49
UK (inches) 6-7 ½ 8-11 11 ½-14 ½