AI Generated Custom Tee

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Custom shirts created using Dall-E Mini. See below for ordering instructions and notes.


How to Order:

-Choose your desired cut and size

-Add an order note with your prompt for the AI

(Featured examples in order: "cute little thing," "bernie sanders in minecraft," "scooby doo courtroom sketch," "joe biden political activist")

-I will then input your prompt into the AI, select one of the results, and upscale it in photoshop for printing

Please only order one shirt at a time. Any shirts beyond the first will be refunded.

Any orders containing requests for hateful imagery or a blank note will be refunded.

If the AI is incapable of generating a result that depicts the desired prompt, the order will be refunded. Test the AI to see if it can create images based on your prompt.

Tracking information is not available for this product. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery


Classic Size guide

XS (inches) 27 16 ½
S (inches) 28 18
M (inches) 29 20
L (inches) 30 22
XL (inches) 31 24
2XL (inches) 32 26
3XL (inches) 33 28
4XL (inches) 34 30
5XL (inches) 35 31


Fitted Size guide

S (inches) 25 ½ 17 ¼
M (inches) 26 19 ¼
L (inches) 27 21 ¼
XL (inches) 28 23 ¼
2XL (inches) 28 ½ 25 ¼
3XL (inches) 29 27 ¼